10,000km Challenge

We’d like you to run 10,000km in July.

With help, of course.

The 2020 Evesham Town 10k Race can’t take place, so instead we’ve decided to set ourselves a collective challenge.

We’d like all fans of the Evesham Town 10k Race to collectively run 10,000km during July. Whether you ran last year, intended to run this year, or simply want to join in you are welcome. You don’t even need to be a member of EVRC to take park (but we’d love you to join).

All you need to do is to join our Strava group and all your runs this month will be counted. We’ll keep a running total.

If you don’t use Strava, submit your runs here.

We’ll be providing a few mini-challenges along the way to keep you motivated.

Follow our Facebook page to stay updated, or add your email address below if you’re not already on our list.

We’ll be organising some optional medals towards the end of the month, as well as a place you (or your family and friends) can donate towards our two great causes, who would otherwise be missing out on a lot of money this year:

Evesham Adventure Playground Association are a local charity, trying to ensure children, young people and families have the space to have fun together in an environment that challenges and inspires the mind and body.

Caring Hands in the Vale provides essential food bank services to the Evesham area, hugely in demand during Covid-19.

Please do run safely and sensibly, and follow whatever government advice is relevant when you run.