Challenge 3: 7 Days a Runner

Evesham 10k photographer-extraordinnaire, Charmaine Mitchell, has been a dedicated supporter of our event, taking pictures of happy (and not so happy) runners. What you might not know is that she’s also a dedicated runner; a very dedicated runner.

Charmaine has now completed over 1,000 consecutive days of running! Every single day, come rain, shine, sleet or snow, she has headed out to run at least a couple of miles.

Our challenge to you is to try that for just the next seven days. Starting on Monday 20th, finishing on Sunday 26th July, we want you to run at least 1km each day.

Please only do this if you are fit enough, and don’t have any niggling injuries.

Keep us updated with how you’re getting on by sharing your photos and runs on Strava and in our Facebook group.

Happy running!