When? Monday 28 March, 1830

Where? Meet Viaduct Meadow Car Park (under Abbey Road Bridge)

What’s the trophy challenge?· One mile, out & back course· Split time taken at the half-mile turning point· Final time taken at the mile finish· Winner = he/she whose outbound half mile time is closest to their return half mile time· So, how fast or slow you go doesn’t matter, perfectly even pacing means you win a massive trophy (see Note 2) you can keep forever, presented later that evening in a local pub (after the Monday Club runs).Simples!By the way, the mile run is ‘naked’ (see Note 3) of technology. No watches, GPS timers, phones etc allowed. Run on feel, feel the love.

How does this work with Monday runs?· Sign up for “The Colin Trophy” on the app to take part· Also sign up for your choice of Club run if you’re doing that too – these will commence immediately after the one-mile challenge finishes.· Mass warm up at 1830, final race instructions, do the mile challenge (you should all be finished 1850ish)· Join your Run Leader for your Club run.· Regroup in a local pub (TBC) for results and the trophy presentation.Notes:1 – If this is bewildering, sign up on the app and just show up2 – It really is a seriously impressive trophy, and large. Trust me on this one.3 – As the word ‘naked’ has been used, be assured Robert will be under close supervision at all times 😊.See you Monday.