We have restarted Efforts Sessions. These are coached by qualified club members and will focus on aspects of running like speed or hills. Suitable for all abilities – hard work, but very rewarding.

Please register before each week’s session. If you have not registered you may not be allowed to run.

Please read this guide for runners and review the guidance below before reserving a place using the form beneath.

  1. Meet in Waitrose Car Park, not at the Trumpet, ready for 7pm
  2. Maintain social distance of 2m at all times where possible
  3. Bring your own hand sanitiser if you can
  4. The coaches will not look after anything for you – keys, tops, phones etc., so make sure you can carry them yourself
  5. Listen carefully to everything the coaches tell you, and follow instructions
  6. Consider the public at all times – you are representing EVRC
  7. Go home promptly after the session, do not linger around chatting however tempting it may be
  • If you cannot tick all boxes below you will not be eligible to join efforts this week.