The Presidents ‘Naked’ Mile


Who’s it for? Everyone who wants to win a fabulous trophy with the NEW Club logo on it

When? Wednesday, 29 March, 2023. 6:30PM

Where? Meet at picnic benches by Viaduct Meadow Car Park (under Abbey Road Bridge)

What’s the Naked Mile challenge?
• You run a one-mile, out & back course.
• Split time taken at the half-mile turning point.
• Final time taken at the mile finish.
• Winner = he/she whose outbound half mile time is closest to their return half mile
So, how fast or slow you go doesn’t matter, perfectly even pacing wins an excellent
trophy you can keep forever, presented later that evening in The Red Lion, Market
What’s the naked bit? If you have concerns about certain ‘members’ showing up, fear
not – the mile run is ‘naked’ of technology. So, no watches, GPS timers, ‘phones, trackers
etc allowed. Run on feel to feel the love.
How do I take part?
• Sign up on the app – “President’s Mile”
• Show up for final race instructions/mass warm up at 1830 on 29/3.
• Do the mile challenge (you should all be finished 1900)
• Join a short ‘Efforts’ session on Corporation Meadow if you wish whilst Mr President
processes the results
• Regroup at the Red Lion at 2000 for results announcements and the trophy
Be there, you’ll regret it if you don’t